Is it healthy to open your Facebook account upon waking up?

This evening I have written a post about this from another site but I lost my post. I was upset I lost it but I’ll try to make one again. I am using wordpress and what I love in this site is I never loss my writings, instead it goes to drafts and I can continue writing it again.



When we wake up in the morning, sluggish not wanting to move a muscle, you decided to take another 5-10 minutes of sleep in your couch again. When you realized your wide awake, you grab your phone and check for a text, emails and messages. Most of us brush our teeth first upon waking up and some of you might agree that most of us are in a hurry when we saw the clock struck near our work schedule. I have a niece who has a habit of grabbing my phone upon waking up. At times I am awaken by the sound of my cellphone opening up. When I won’t give her my phone, she throws up a tantrum. She would cry out loud calling her grandmother and says” Nana, tita won’t give me her phone”. She sometimes throw things out in the terrace or downstairs if she hasn’t got what she wants. At times when she wakes up she commands us to open the television to watch any cartoon movies or children’s films.

Is it really necessary to open our Facebook accounts upon waking up? Maybe YES, maybe NO but for me it’s a bad habit to view our cellphones first thing in the morning, not only because of electronic radiation we expose ourselves on but also because we are getting used to it and it becomes a habit that develops into our addiction. Today’s children are fond of using cellphones. A child knows how to swipe a cellphone screen at an early age of 2-3 . We live in a computer age but it has its pros and cons. The pros might be easy access of information we can get from the internet and communication tools for long distance couples. The cons are as many as the pros. Children do not know the street games the 80’s and 90’s kids play long time ago; they depend on the internet for most of the things like passing time from playing games they downloaded from Google play or play store. I think it’s not great seeing children who are very dependent on gadgets and use their gadgets for more than 3 hours a day. Some workplaces do not allow their employees to use Facebook when on duty solely because their employees neglect their duties when already enjoying watching videos or articles posted on Facebook. Some use messenger to talk to their sweet hearts. Using messenger to talk to your honey or lover is good especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. Many apps that have video calls are now use to communicate with your sweetie but it’s still a bad habit to open Facebook upon waking up. We’re talking about Facebook not other apps because Facebook is the most popular of all the social media sites. In some states, Instagram or Twitter is great but Facebook is the first site you open up upon waking up. Your sweetie is on Facebook, and some are on Twitter or Instagram but your sweetie cannot talk to you in message on those apps except when they direct message you. I, have also a habit of opening up my Facebook account upon waking up and I’m stunned to realize that I am developing a habit I can’t hardly stop. It’s like smoking that when you stop you crave for it and get sick when you don’t smoke for some time. I think the habit of opening up the Facebook account in the morning can be managed if you focus yourself in some other things. I bet you don’t want to be addicted in a hard way.


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