3 Lessons You Will Learn In Mobile Legends



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2018 is a bang. One of the online games people play nowadays is this Mobile Legends who can make them addicted to it. This new crazed people play can be downloaded through Google play or play store on your smart phones or iPhones. If you’re not playing yet and want to try, all you have to do is download it, register and choose your hero to play. You have to collect coins to buy your favourite hero’s or buy diamonds through credit or debit to strengthen your abilities to kill enemies. Some players with much money, who are into it register and pay to be a Starlight member even for a month.

I have been in the block for only over 9 weeks now and I’m still only at Master 1, level 30. In a fine morning, one of my co workers ask me to play Mobile legends so that we can play together even at work. At first I am hesitant to download it because I already have too many games at my phone including the farm games like farm town and fantasy farm. At my first 3 levels at playing Mobile legends I thought it’s a great game but I did not pay attention to it. When my co worker and I play it together, I said, ” ohhh damn, it’s a fun game”.

I always lose stars because my team is always defeated in Rank mode. This game is made up of 5 characters on one side and another five to the opponent team. When you make a squad it’s made up of 9 members. The hero’s/characters need to attack and destroy the enemies turrets untill they destroy their enemies base. This online game has been on the internet from year 2016 up to the present and has billions of net worth. You might get addicted playing it. When you play and you were defeated, you can’t take it and play again to get the victory you want all the time. Some don’t stop playing in a day until they get an MVP in any mode of game. My favourite hero’s are Miya, Zilong, Layla, Ghor, Rafaela, Nana, Yi sun shin, Erithel and Vexana. I enumerate the 3 things I learned from the game.

1. Accept your defeat

When you’re about to lose, you can’t just push your team to win the game, sometimes you need to innettiate the surrender button to not loss stars in your rank mode, but if it’s only you who wants to surrender and some of your teammates did not click the surrender button, you all lose. When your team lacks teamwork or you face the enemies alone with two or three enemies in front of you, and with no support with whom they have more strength than you, then you lose more life than theirs.In real life, we can’t just push ourselves to something that does not fit us. In love, we cannot do just push ourself to someone who does not love us the way we love. If someone really loves you, you don’t need to beg or always struggle for your lover’s attention. It would be easy for you to pursue him/her if he/she’s really yours.

2. Try your best to victory

When you win any mode of game in mobile legends, the game says the big word”Victory”, but when you’re lagging or there’s not enough signal to play the game, you are slayned easily but you have to do your best to win the game. There are some things you can do to win the Rank mode if your team aren’t strong enough to kill enemies. You can accompany your team mates to kill the Lord to help your team destroy their turret. Another technique is to kill the turtle to add to your teams points. It’s up to your teams strategy on how to win the game. Some player do not go in the lane were in enemies can see them on the map, they just wait for the enemies and stab them at the back. Even when your team lacks tank if all of you help each other, you will win the game. When one of you is alone at the middle of the plot, the enemies will always defeat the one at the center, your team mates need to accompany the mage or marksman at the middle of the plot. One should guard the sides not to let enemies enter and destroy your turrets. Sometimes you need to retreat so that you won’t be slayned but it doesn’t mean that when you retreat is you give up, it just means that you are thinking of your team. You’re waiting for some of your team mates to support you and cover you when you go near the enemies. In life like when you want to enter a company, or you pass your resume for a job, you try your best to show the employer that you best fit the job. You cannot sometimes get a job without the help of some people who might recommend you to the job.

3. Protect your life in anything possible

When you play the game, it’s best to not lose your life because the more you have been slayned, the more points you lose. Sometimes it’s better to retreat to regain your strength and life and when your good to go, it’s best to fight the enemies of your life. Your enemies are your fears. Some of the hero’s you play that are fighters/assasins are Zilong, Alucard, Martis, Karina, Freya, or Alpha that make you face your fears to face the enemies on hand. Natalia, Ruby and Alucard are ambush hero’s that are sometimes invisible. Johnson is a smart ass that carries his teammates to stop by where there is only one enemy or two. Martis can hide on the bush and stab you on the back. Zilong is a never say die hero that confronts the enemies at their faces with his wit and fast hands and sharp sword that kills the enemies with the support of some mage hero’s, they all conquer the enemies turrets to the inhibitory turrets and attack the main turret.

The game is so addicting not only because you want to win but also because of the hero’s or characters line of words, or tones of voice they say when you play with them. Who would forget Layla’s voice when she says” we can do it”, all the time. Rafaela says” healing prayers”. Miya says ” wise choice”. Odette says” don’t tell them I can’t swim”, Nana says, “Let’s go for a walk, I’ll be angry with you if you poke me again”, Erithel says,”Let’s go; Leo run”. When you destroyed the enemies turret it says, ” your team destroyed the turret/ you destroyed the turret” and when you lose, “defeat” but when your team wins it says the big word” Victory”.



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