4 cons of buying online versus buying in the mall

Many people are fond of buying online, I am one of them.I stop buying online because I always buy the wrong things I thought I like. We love looking for things we want and need in our daily lives not only in the internet but also in magazines, books, news papers, or pocketbooks. Sellers or the sites who sell things, etc make their items look so good in the eyes for buyers like you to think about purchasing it. I once get addicted to buying things through the internet; I bought things once or twice a month a few months

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ago. It is easy to swipe left and right through your cellphone and we love it, but do you know there are disadvantages to purchasing online? Here are the list of cons when buying online.

1. The Real Appearance

When you look at the picture of an item online, they all look beautiful without flaws, but when you wear that beautiful shirt you saw online, it just looks okey not as great as the wearer in the photo. Models are hired to make the clothes they wear look awesome and makes the people who look at it think that they would look as good as the model too when they wear it. Sometimes the pictures they post on the internet are not the actual items they sell. They sometimes put the celebrities photos who wear the dress/shirt to the item they sell to attract customers and gain likes to the item.

Cameras use when taking pictures can make the color of photos different in the naked eye. Sometimes the color of an item in the web is violet but the description says it’s blue. On one hand, in a brochure my colleague showed us, the color of the brassiere is said to be yellow but when we look at it, it’s neon green. Some clothes look bright but in real it’s just yellow or green.

2. Fitting

When you buy at the mall, you can fit the clothes you will buy and see if it fits or not. If it looks good on you or not, it is easy to just put away the clothes you tried on. For shoes, it’s a hassle when you buy online and be disappointed after the item arrived not fitted on your feet. You’ll have to send back the item to the seller, email or message them to process the return of the item and refund your money. It’s so inconvenient to send back an item that does not meet your liking. Sometimes you’ll have to embrace the item you bought without sending it back even when you don’t like it because of inconvenience to going to the courier, contacting the seller or the site you purchase it and sending it back, waiting for the time they refund your money.

When buying online there is the policy of returning and exchanging the item once the buyer did not see the item as it is described by the seller in the site. It’s really inconvenient to send back the item because you’ll have to go to the courier, wait in line and wait for the seller to send back the money. Most of the malls are built near the residences then why buy online when you can go to the mall and choose? Some online stores like Lazada have few descriptions of the item they sell and the buyer would just assume what they meant with what they sell, like when you order a backpack; they sometimes forgot to put the sizes of the bag and the type of bag if it’s suitable for adults or for kids only.

3. Defective Items

When buying furniture directly at the supplier or establishment, you will have to travel and the establishment will deliver it after a few days at your doorstep. It’s similar in buying online that the courier will deliver it at your doorstep but the difference is, you already touch and saw the appearance of the item and they will deliver it to you like when you buy it online. Furnitures are meant to bought directly from the store. If you buy an appliances, it would take at least 15-20 days for it to be delivered to you, but then there’s a chance it would have detects from travelling by ship. Items sold that have batteries can’t be shipped through airlines that’s why it takes forever to come to your doorstep.

4. Bugos Seller

Beware of bugos sellers sprouting online. There are sellers who put their items online, make their buyer pay them first and tell their buyer they already sent the item but after a few days, item hasn’t arrived and they disappear. If you’re really into an item in a site you browse, first thing to do is to look if the seller has many items sold or legit. The best thing to do is to purchase an item through COD( cash on delivery) and wait for the item, check for deffects and pay. If you have to pay through credit or debit, you have to choose a legit online store or seller. You have to be careful to flowery words and if the seller is in a hurry to send you the item and you pay first, think about it. Maybe you’ll have to cancel and find another seller or choose a legit online store instead.

There are already many online stores sprouted this days. Some online stores you can choose to buy are E bay, Amazon, Ali Express, Alibaba group, Walmart, ASOS, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, OLX and Carousel in the Philippines, etc. In a final note, people have it’s freedom to choose what they want or like in purchasing an item. You have the power to choose and decide for what you want and need to satiate your senses.

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