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Writing is a form of therapy. It makes us feel good and gives us peace of mind when confused. The most common problem in life is about love and losing the grip in life needs solutions. Through reading we lessen the burden of our everyday life. As a person, I always try to read any readable content, be it a book, magazine, newpapers or pocketbooks everyday. When we are younger, our parents already thought us the value of being an educated, intellectual person. At school, we learn values and education and on how to appreciate, and care to other people. After we graduate from school, comes the real world. We appreciate our parents, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to the things they do, not only to us but to their lives and others. We realized that life is not only about education but it’s also about everything that happens everyday. We think of our neighbors whereabouts, and what we will eat everytime.

On one hand, there are different scenarios that happen everyday to each of us, at times we do not know what is happening to our neighbors, colleagues, friends, love one’s or acquaintances. Social media is the cure to our curiosity. We sometimes find unusual things that happened to some people we only found when we log on the internet. The internet has become the source of our hungry mind. We can find anything when we search on Google, Yahoo,Bing ask.com, etc. When we are curious of our colleagues new lover, we search the person in question in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. People has become FBI agents when they want to find out about something. In my webpage, you can find anything about everything of what people do or say everyday. I hope you’ll enjoy reading when you stop by here.


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